In May 1992 Ghana was invited together with 12 other African Countries to send a team to the 1st All Africa Challenge Trophy (AACT), which later became a biennial golf Championship. This prestigious golf tournament for ladies in Africa was held at the Chapman Golf Club in Harare, Zimbabwe. Because there was no Ladies Golf Union at that time, Achimota Golf Club Ladies Section decided to honour the invitation by sending a team. The team comprised late Mrs Letitia Omaboe as team captain, and three players namely Mrs Esther Amedzro, Ms. Rita Dzubey and Mrs Suzie Abaloo Kumassah.

Since the 1st All Africa Challenge Trophy, Ghana has continued to participate in every edition of the ‘ALL AFRICA CHALLENGE TROPHY CHAMPIONSHIP’ to date.

It was in Harare, Zimbabwe that the idea of a Ghana Ladies Golf Union was conceived because majority of the invited countries already had Ladies Golf Unions. Ghana was one of the few countries that did not have a Union. Hitherto , the lady golfers were being managed by their various Clubs and each lady section was independently affiliated to the LGU of Scotland.

After a lot of consultations and deliberations over the next 4 years (1992-1996, it was unanimously agreed by all ladies captains in Ghana at the time that indeed the time was right for a more formalized Union of lady golfers; hence the inception of a Ladies’ Golf Union.

In 1996 the Ghana Ladies Golf Union, GLGU, was born with a membership of only 50 ladies across the country.  Since there was now a Union, only one collective subscription was paid to LGU in Scotland. A Constitution and Rules were drafted and it was decided that all elected officers must be past lady captains.

The country was then zoned into two golfing communities; the Northern and the Southern zone. The founding members also unanimously agreed that if a President was chosen from the Southern zone then her Vice President should come from the Northern zone and vise versa.

The late Mrs Letitia Omaboe from Achimota, Southern zone, was elected as the first President for a two year term. Her deputy was Mrs Rosemond Dsane-Selby from the Kumasi Golf Club, in the Northern zone. She and her vice were retained for another term of two years; from 1996-2000

At this juncture we wish to acknowledge the contributions and efforts made towards the development of Ladies Golf Union in Ghana by some illustrious and dynamic gentlemen like late Nana Wereko Ampem II, late Dr. J. V. L. Philips, late Mr. Ebenezer Acquaah-Harrison, late Prof M. Ben- George and late Dr. Kwame Tamaklo. May their gentle souls rest in perfect peace.

We also appreciate Mr Gilbert Morgan, Mr Mike Ezan and Dr. Dzane-Selby and a renowned sports journalist late Mr Ken Amoah who were also very instrumental in making sure that the Ghana lady golfers formed a Union like the other African countries.

Ghana for the first time will play host to the 14th edition of the ALL AFRICA CHALLENGE TROPHY CHAMPIONSHIP in August 2018 at the Achimota Golf Club.

The lists of all past and present executive members of the Union and all Ghana Ladies Golf Open Championships played since 1997 are shown below:

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