There is hereby established a Foundation to be known as the Golf Development Foundation which will be responsible for Junior Golf and encourage Development of Facilities, Golf Courses, Driving ranges, and Public Golf Courses and a thrust of the growth of Golf into our schools, the Skills for Life Program.
The Development Foundation was set up by the GGA to harness this renewed impetus. The growth of the game revolves around, Junior Golf and improved facilities. It is said that a kid in sports is a kid out of court and the GGA wishes to spread Golf to all youth under 18years of age.


The Foundation’s principal objective shall be the promotion and development of golf for young amateurs up to the age of 18years, the introduction of more young people to the sport, the development of their skills and general well-being and welfare inclusive of their education.
The objectives of the Foundation will therefore include:


  • Promotion of golf among the wider population
  • To establish active junior sections and junior memberships at all Golf Clubs.
  • To pursue Skills for Life Program that strives to develop discipline in the youth through golf.
  • To schedule and encourage junior tournaments and competitions at affiliated clubs.
  • Organizing and Sponsoring coaching schemes and competitions.
  • To appoint junior organizers and encourage juniors to participate in the organization of Junior Golf.
  • Involve schools in the Skills for Life Program that provides opportunities to learn etiquette and good behavior and encourage integrity and respect for fellow competitors.
  • Solicit support and donations for the furtherance of the above objectives from Individuals and corporate bodies affiliated to members clubs of GGA.
  • The R&A and similar Golf friendly International Organizations.
  • The National Sports Council in the promotion of Golf Nationwide.
  • Collaborate with the growth of Golf as a Summer Olympic Sport.
  • Develop a Junior Handicapping system and a Merit Awards scheme awarding certificates and vouchers for golf tuition and prizes for achievements.


In pursuant of these objectives

  • The Foundation shall collaborate with the National Sports Council, and relevant National Organizations to implement the Skills for Life Program.
  • Golf Clubs shall encourage junior sections, by promoting family memberships, identifying Teaching Professionals.
  • Equipment for golf i.e. junior golf clubs, practice balls may be provided for Junior Training Programs in collaboration.


  • The funds of the foundation shall be used only in furtherance of the objectives of the Foundation.
  • The Foundation may raise money and give security for money’s required for the furtherance of its objectives.
  • Payment for Professional Trainer fees, prizes for Junior Tournaments and educational grants shall be made from this account.
  • A Bank Account for Junior and Development section shall be kept by the GGA

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