• To promote the game of golf in Ghana
  • To organize championships
  • To encourage professional golf in Ghana
  • To provide member clubs advice in all matters concerning the game golf


  • To ensure the rules of golf is properly adhered to in all tournaments
  • Grow the golfing population in Ghana


Golf Clubs in Ghana affiliated to form the Ghana Golf Association (GGA) in the mid 1970’s led by a group of dedicated Golfers who were members of the biggest Club, Achimota, notably J.V.L. Phillips, Kwesi Chinbuah, Acquaah Harrison and David Anderson all of blessed memory. They became the Executives of the GGA.
The GGA is mandated to promote the game of Golf in Ghana, both Amateur and Professional; regulate all attributes pertaining to golf, inclusive of interclub disputes, and enforcing the rules of Golf in accordance with the rules of the World Ruling Body, Royal and Ancient (R&A) of St Andrews, Scotland.
The GGA is managed by a Council composed of a President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Deputy Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, and Captains of Affiliated Clubs, two representatives of Ladies Golf Union, (LGU) and the President of the Professional Golfers association, (PGA).